Laser surgery of the lower limbs

The demise of the year, that is, the period of autumn and winter, it's the best time to perform laser surgery of the lower limbs. At that time, many people are choosing this type of treatments, primarily due to the lack of Sun. The Sun's rays can negatively affect the body of the patient, who …

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Laparoscopy of the abdomen

Undoubtedly, laparoscopy (abdominal, inguinal hernia or hip, laparoscopic abdominal adhesions removal etc.) led to a genuine revolution in terms of surgery. It disappeared the need for surgical opening jam the abdominal muscles in order to carry out simple treatments, such as for example. the removal of appendicitis or removing adhesions abdominal, inguinal hernias and femoral. …

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Diagnosis and treatment of inflammation of the colon and colon ulcerative thin

Now it is said that even 1/3 of mankind can cure the inflammation of the colon and a thin, also called irritable bowel syndrome. This disease affects the inhabitants of highly developed countries and poorer. So there is no rule that would indicate a higher rate of morbidity attributed to specific demographics. While the risk …

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Diagnosis of colorectal cancer

Colon cancer is one of the most common causes of death in Poland. Why do so many people have this condition? How can I keep him? Whether or not there are such methods and how cancer treatment? The causes of disease The process of education of colorectal cancer takes ok. 10 years of age. Changes …

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Gallstones – treatment, laparoscopic surgery

If in the gallbladder, and more specifically-in the bile, it is the presence of deposits of chemical substances, it is possible for an instance of cholelithiasis. The gallbladder Bile (gall) – as the name suggests, is used to store bile produced by the liver to metabolize fat intake. Is located just below the right lobe …

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