Our medical Center

Our pelvic floor medical center was concepted for patients who are dealing with dysfunctions of pelvic floor (male and female). Sometimes in our environment these diseases are still be considered as taboo issues, which considerably limits the quality of life. We are a team of highly qualified medical professionals in different medical areas. Our team is composed by a ginecologist-obstetrician, surgeon-coloproctologist, a neurologist, a sexuologist, physiotherapist, psychologist and dietitian. This team is able to skillfully surround high-quality care of their patients, to serve professional advice and help if necessary with surgical treatment. In treatment, we use the latest and newest methods of worldwide medicine.
We focus on controlling the quality of our services, because each patient is considered individually and we try to approach every problem as professionally as possible, providing a complete wellness. Currently, we perform as a private, but in the future we will strive to achieve coverage by Public Health der to share our services to more patients. We do not pay any internet hosting compagny for positive opinions from fuctifs and virtual patients as it is now fashionable. The satisfaction of our patients is our visit card.

We work together with local clinics: Mandala Clinic, Promienista Clinic, MedPolonia Clinic in Poznan and with the Department of Microbiology Vitalimun Poznan. Be welcome if you need help and for more informations please visit our internet site. 

Team coordinator