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FlipsPoznań belongs to the very easily and rapidly rozwilajacych cities in Poland. Its tradition of town based on entrepreneurship, which distinguishes them from other cities in Poland. Here arose the great merchants and traders of our country.





Flow-images    Our Cabinet looks more like a meeting place than habitual classical treatment. We try as far as possible satisfy the anxiety and suffering of our patients, not only ordinary methods-medical, but also a good word. We try to understand the fear, anxiety and lack of confidence of our patients. We realize that this disease, which no one among us that you do not want. Our treatment is based not only on the classic treatment of the affected organ of the body, but also a man in full. Therefore, the inner anxiety of our patients meet with openness and a positive attitude of our staff. We try to respond scientifically to questions in the language understood by the people which this knowledge does not have to be. We focus on quality and not on quantity, although our desire is to help as many people as possible. We approach each patient in the most professional and friendly. This found all those who visited us so far and become our supporters and.  Our Cabinet resembles an oasis with a stream of clean water. Welcome!


Bird 12-300 x 200Each disease is a restriction, not only physical but also mental, internal, external, and sometimes leads to isolation. Medicine as a science is trying to measure with this challenge to alleviate human suffering. Our highly-selected team is aware of this and tries to seriously and responsibly meet the challenge to restore freedom, the dignity of the patient in the first place, the more that koloproktologia and pelvic floor diseases less long remain in our environment theme krepującym, closed. For this reason we guarantee our patients personal comfort during the interview, survey and the entire treatment process.  And if we will meet with is not the end of the the disbanded the problem, at least you will find in our




team patiently and open ear, trusted partner, with which you can develop in a balanced manner. In cases of difficult-to-on-the-spot solutions, we strive to help our patients with our colleagues abroad to complete the treatment process. Many patients already trust. We invite you to use our services.


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