Diagnosis and conservative treatment for urinary incontinence and stool

Chronic constipation, increased reactivity or paralysis of the bladder, urinary incontinence and stool, urine retention in the bladder, urine, or stool intestinal gases involuntary discharge as a result of increased effort, coughing or sneezing. All these symptoms belong to an extremely embarrassing, but possible to treat. It's good to know that with this problem you are not alone, because in Poland there are a number of companies, which is focusing on people suffering from similar diseases. We examined even, that as many as 3 million Citizens over the age of 20 can deal with the problem of incontinence and stool. What's more – this indicator increases in proportion to the age of women, but also to the number of births. In the case of men and intensify the problem may help prostate hyperplasia. Unfortunately, in our country it is hard to illustrate the size of the problem, because the patients are ashamed to speak about the problem of incontinence or stool to follow-up on medical specialists. Due to the prevalence the illness is called social disorder, which often becomes a taboo. That's why it can have a big impact on the psyche of the sick, leading to widespread frustration, social isolation, and even severe depression. In order to correct the problem, to be carried out such studies as manometry and EMG of the anal canal or conservative treatment for fecal incontinence.
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Treatment and diagnosis of stress incontinence urine or stool

When it comes to stress incontinence to plastic surgery, comes to him – as the name suggests – in times of the smallest effort, even such as coughing or sudden laughter. Usually the problem arises as a result of the failure of the pelvic floor. The muscles of the vagina naturally maintain the urethra. When it wears off their voltage, there is a disorder of the stabilisation, and hence a decline in the ability to control the coil. Hence the difficulty in maintaining the urine.

What reasons can receive the problem of incontinence – especially stress?

  1. As a result of damage to the perinatal.
  2. In the case of the standing of the pelvic load, caused by obesity, constipation, chronic cough or hard work.
  3. With age, by aging of the body.
  4. As a result of the shortage of female sex hormones.
  5. Because of the inherent defects of tissues total.

To get rid of the problem, it is necessary to take appropriate treatment, including-surgery plays. Hammock. To do this, inside of it introduces special pieces of synthetic materials and puts them just below the urethra. The patient is anesthetized in the typical position of gynecological. Before you put the tapes, it is necessary to delicate mucosal incision of the vagina, and then rozpreparowanie of tissue in this place, which then will be the correct one. It performs a small incision in the groin, through which, in the pelvic bones, is introduced. To avoid the appearance of postoperative hematoma, doctors assume special compression pads. In the bladder but puts a catheter, which is removed within 24 hours after the surgery. On this basis is determined by the possible problem of residual urine inside the bladder, that produces a need for adequate tension straps.

Preparing the patient for surgery, the doctor performs a series of tests, including:

  • gynecological examination,
  • assessment of pelvic floor,
  • the test of kaszlową,
  • urine test.

In addition, for about 2 weeks before the scheduled surgery, prepares tissues, using disinfectants or for reconstruction of the lining of the vagina.

Recovery period does not last long, and you may begin the normal functioning of the already night after treatment. When it comes to sexual activity, it is recommended that 3-week break, which will allow for the full zagojenie. To speed up this time, it is advisable to drink up to 3 litres of fluids each day, and the dietary supplement of cranberries, with the action of disinfectants on the bladder.

Laser treatment

Treatment using laser is one of the most effective and fastest methods to completely get rid of the problem of incontinence. Especially, if diagnosis is made at an early stage, and the patient was immediately admitted to the operation. In the initial stages, in fact, discouraged is a conservative treatment for fecal incontinence or urine, so the laser can turn out to be the only effective solution. The procedure is almost painless, fast-enough even half an hour to carry out all the operations rooms and usually ends with a single intervention, which need not be repeated in the future.

Laser therapy affects the immediate improvement of the health of tissues responsible for supporting the bladder. Thanks to the intervention of the laser, improving their firmness and elasticity, resulting in discomfort go away automatically. The laser stimulates muscles to create Collagen fibers and decongests. As a result, followed by the strengthening of the wewnątrzmiedniczej fascia, the walls of the vagina, as well as the entire mouth of the urethra. The angle of the coil back to its original state, and thus, eliminates the defects.

Right after the surgery, the patient can return to normal activities of life. Because it can receive the przesięk serous, it is advisable to use sanitary pads. Up to 3 weeks after the treatment, you should abstain from intimate contacts, to let the wound heal thoroughly. To further enhance the effects of the treatment, it is recommended that regular Kegel exercise.

Not all clinics in Poznań shall however, laser treatment of such conditions as urinary incontinence, urine or stool.

The other is a less conservative treatments for incontinence and stool (also in Proctogin):

  1. Treatments to strengthen the anterior wall of the vagina
  2. . plastics, which are, however, high efficiency. Infrequently so they are used in case of suspicion of stress incontinence. But give the effects of the defect Center, which can find the control of urination.

  3. Załonowe the bladder neck suspension
  4. These include m.in. Burch operations or operations, Marshall-Marchetti-Krantz. Are based mainly on przyszywaniu tissues of the vaginal vault to ligaments pubic welding. The second method is to stitch the tissue okołocewkowej to the pubic the welding during the open operation. It is worth noting that these techniques provide almost 100% sure cure.

  5. Transvaginal needle bladder neck suspension
  6. In this case, the question m.in. Starneya operations, Gittesa and Times, which, though minimally invasive to the body – can help to cure the problem of incontinence. In order to do this the tissue located within the bladder neck suspended from Special seams to the abdominal muscles. These seams are carried out on the long needles.

  7. Loop operations
  8. Included in the ranks of the most successful and the most versatile treatments in order to eliminate the problem of incontinence, both anatomical and zwieraczowym. The whole procedure is to support the bladder neck and urethra, fully bezuciskowo. Just below the neck of the bladder shall be carried out so the natural material tape with a width of up to 2 cm to create a handle-załonowe opened, transvaginal or combined. However, in the case of this treatment, there is a risk of complications, including the creation of bladder outlet obstruction, therefore patients undergoing pętlowym operations must learn yourself a catheter but the bladder to empty it from residual urine.

  9. Tension free Vaginal Tape TVT
  10. Modern treatment technique, which consists on the assumption of slingu synthetic – tape created with prolenowej in the middle section of the urethra on the road przezpochwowej. The method is characterized by a high success rates with relatively low – though still possible-the frequency of complications.

  11. Trans-Obturator Tape-TOT
  12. A technique similar to the previous, also by placing synthetic tape in the middle section of the urethra, but this time not directed upward, and bond between the symphysis.

  13. Minisystemy
  14. The most modern and least invasive to the body of technology operations, use during treatment of incontinence. May be carried out only on a local anesthetic.

Diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence of stool or urine – Centre Proctogin Poznan

SNSFor fecal incontinence comes at a time when the contraction of the anal sphincters becomes weaker, the rectum begins to function in a way that is not valid, or we lose feeling in her area. The causes can be:

  • childbirth,
  • surgical treatments,
  • neurological disorders caused by diabetes or spinal cord,
  • the cancer,
  • disorder within the walls of the rectum,
  • abnormal sensation in the rectum,
  • chronic overflow,
  • idiomatic fecal incontinence.

Specialists of the Center Proctogin Poznan recommend in such cases, the use of the InterStim starter. Its mission is to stimulate the nerves, to again began to operate properly. Neuromodulacja nerve, also called nerve stimulation, aims to introduce similar impulses to those that are produced by the nerves. In this way, followed by stimulation of smooth muscle and skeletal, located in the pelvic organs. It is worth noting that this technique is characterized by minimum inwazyjnością.

Among the benefits of the treatment and the effects it can bring, stands out above all:

  • a decrease in the frequency of uncontrolled donate urine or stool,
  • increase in quality of life,
  • getting to grips with the problem chronic constipation, and hence the system restore normal defecation,
  • the ability to control bowel or urine,
  • less frequent visits to the toilet,
  • improving intimate life.

Professionals employed in the Centre of Poznań and Proctogin have an excellent reputation among patients, due to the extensive experience and unique approach to the patient. Urinary incontinence or bowel problems, which, thanks to a quick diagnosis can allow effective conservative treatment. When the diagnosis is carried out manometry and EMG of the anal canal, in order to determine the assessment of the level of damage muscles. They include muscle fibers or the nerves of the anal sphincter. Diagnosis begins with an interview, during which the patient asked is m.in. about your symptoms, frequency of bowel movements, any chronic diseases, etc. Physical testing shall be carried out:

  • examination of the anal area,
  • study of a reflex contraction of the anal sphincter as a result to irritate anodermy,
  • assessment of the possibility of loss of hemorrhoids or other changes,
  • rectal examination by recommendation of the relaxation of tension and anal sphincters.

On the other hand, if it's about the manometrię of the anal canal, it allows you to assess the level of pressure inside the anal canal. On this basis, there is any damage, because too low static pressure may indicate a problem with by and systolic-. In addition, manometry allows you to assess the vulnerability of the rectum, on the basis of 3 thresholds:

  1. Basic – the threshold of sensation.
  2. Aware of the strong pressure combined with the necessity of immediate defecation.
  3. The maximum filling the rectum causing pain.

Of which the most important is the first threshold, specifying the value of treatment, especially the method of biofeedback.

Manometrię of the anal canal is also used in the diagnosis of reflex rectovaginal-odbytowego and pressure inside the anus when the urge. Similar can test EMG – electromyography, allowing to assess the possible extent of damage to the muscle function anal sphincters. Based on EMG shall be determined if there is a problem with the muscle fibres, or nerves connected with by.

Use the services of Proctogin. Guaranteed:

  • diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence of stool and urine,
  • conservative treatment for fecal incontinence,
  • manometry and EMG of the anal canal,
  • alternative treatments for the diagnosis of disorders: urinary incontinence, urine or stool.
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