ULTRASOUND of the abdomen

Popular ultrasound, or ULTRASOUND of the abdomen is the basis to detect many diseases. With it is possible to accurately view the structure of the organs inside the body, which are within the range of the waves produced by the head. Is one of the most basic research on the diagnosis different diseases. What's more, it is characterised by a high degree of safety and painlessness. Unlike x-ray, x-rays are not used, because ultrasound is also advisable for pregnant women. What's more, there was no major impediment for his conduct. Can be implemented immediately, because patients do not need to specifically prepare for the examination. Comprehensive ULTRASOUND gives you the ability to diagnose sick during the test run on the abdomen.

The specificity of the test

Because to carry out ultrasound tests do not need to use needles or syringes, it is absolutely painless and non-invasive. Is an excellent alternative for computed tomography, because it is more common and available in virtually any hospital facility. Abdominal ultrasound allows you to visualize the tissue of invisible by other studies-including X-RAYS. What's more, it can be applied in the case of pregnant women, as it does not use harmful radiation. There is no impediment to do them several times, because it does not cause unwanted effects.

Abdominal ultrasound provides a picture of almost all the organs in the abdomen, except to intestines and organs that are located behind them. ULTRASOUND waves are spread by means of air or other gas in the gut is already gas. In the case of research on these organs, much more favourable will perform computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging or other tests, in which uses means shader.

Ultrasound examination can also be more difficult to implement in the case of patients are obese. The waves sent and received by the head harder because they pass through the layers of fat.


Ultrasound can detect many ailments such as stones in the gallbladder or kidney, aortic aneurysm, inflammation of the Appendix, hydronephrosis, enlargement of the spleen.

But before the course of the study, it is worth pointing out, as it looks like the same apparatus. Is made up from the console connected to the screen during the test, you can see precisely controlled the area of the body. To the console attached to the sending head high frequency sound waves. These waves bounce off organs and then drive in the direction of the head on the principle of echolocation. Lubricates the head a gel applied to the skin and moves it. In this way you can evaluate the position of the organs in the abdominal cavity, their size, shape, and structure. At the time of the test result immediately appears on the screen.

Before the test, the patient is asked to to lay on a special bed-on his back. Your doctor may ask for a pause in the air during the test. The whole abdominal ultrasound takes up to 30 minutes, but these are maximum limits. After its completion, a special lignin can wipe away remnants of the gel from the skin. Just a few minutes to prepare the exact relationship with ultrasound of the abdomen. Radiologist immediately analyzes the image displayed on the ultrasonografie. This in turn gives rise to a complete description of the test, because the result you will get almost immediately.

After the test

Keep in mind that the abdominal ultrasound test should be fast and virtually painless. The only tool that is in direct contact with the body, it moved after the body of the head. Her skin movement should not cause pain or discomfort, so you do not need to worry about possible complications that occur after the test.

The situation might be different if the patient complains of pain in the abdominal area even before the test. Then actually move move head on the surface of the abdomen can cause additional discomfort. Important to this case, inform your doctor.

After the test there is no impediment to return to normal, everyday activities.

Abdominal ultrasound in Proctogin Poznan

At Proctogin in Poznań shall be performed abdominal ultrasound using a special head sliding on the surface of the skin. Shall be tested:

  • the liver is evaluated is the shape, size, structure and condition of the blood vessels, with which the complex is the liver. In case of suspicion of a cyst, a tumor or abscess, abdominal ultrasound provides a picture change focal lengths,
  • the gallbladder is a rating for the presence of stones, suspicion of the tumor or inflammation,
  • the pancreas is a suspected tumor, cyst, tumor, or inflammation,
  • the digestive tract,
  • kidneys-diagnose possible defects of a congenital disorder features caused by tumors, stones or wodonerczem,
  • adrenal field,
  • lymph nodes.

Preparation for ULTRASOUND of the abdomen-Proctogin Poznan

Hotel Proctogin in Poznan has prepared some tips for preparing for the examination on the abdomen. But the same study rather to quite simple in its execution, it requires adequate preparation by the patient. Typically, the recommendations are similar. First and foremost, on the eve of the test limit meals, eliminating one food Digest, carbonated beverages or products that can cause bloating. leguminous plants. If the study will relate to liver, spleen, pancreas or gallbladder, it would be appropriate to move to a low fat diet. Please eat up to hours. 20, that the body can digest all the food. The test is performed on an empty stomach, because in the morning you have to refrain from any kind of food, and in addition, from cigarette smoking. If, however, the time of ultrasound of the abdomen is the area of the South. 14:00 – you can eat something light up to 8:00.

If the doctor performs a study to observe the urinary bladder, prostate, kidney or reproductive organs, it is necessary to correct filling of the bladder. In this case it is recommended to drink ok. 1-2 l niegazowanego the fluid up to 2 hours before the test.

Because prior to the test, your doctor may ask for deletion or the deviation of the garments from the test space, you might want to wear clothes that will not krępowały movements. If the body is located, there is a high probability that you will have to remove it.

The physician must receive information, if in the two previous days, the patient underwent examination with contrast. Contrasting agent can make it difficult to correct the appearance of internal organs.

If you are interested in undergoing abdominal ultrasound at Proctogin, be sure to schedule a personal consultation with your doctor. Based on that set the deadline and the possible indications of preparations for a study on the abdomen. Choose the best doctors!

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