Anal itching treatment

   In the world this vexing State of more than 5% of the population and is one of the frequent causes of consultation proktologicznych. This ailment is suffering more men than women (4:1).

Anal itching is a symptom, not a disease in itself. This condition is associated with moisture that appears in this narrow part body and is divided into acute and chronic inflammation or its. Anal itching is the result of irritation of the nerve fiber endings biographical article related to type-C in the skin. For this reason, releases the substance as histamine or tryptaza, which pulses irritate the corresponding field in the brain.  

 In most cases, anal itching is derived from the inflammation in the skin as a derivative of Dermatology or gastro-intestinal.  pinworms, lice), fungal infections, diabetes, obesity, and the causes of psychogenic, some drugs and alcohol and certain foods, visible swelling. Unfortunately, some cancers of the rectum and anus appear also itchy.  The skin becomes thick with many small ulcers, cracks and bleached white, leading often to keep an entirely anal and, consequently, to increase the leakage from the rectum. This condition can spread and lead to a dangerous infection of about odbytniczego. Anal itching appears often in the night, after perspiring or during rest and non-attachment.  



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