It's embarrassing and painful condition causing is excessive stretching of muscles responsible for the proper maintenance of the vagina. Prolapse is mixed together to organs of the pelvic area – IE. the uterus, bladder or bowel – to the inside of the vagina. In the worst case, when it is not monitored by a specialist, you may even come to the absolute being thrown out of the uterus to the outside – including its hole to the other side.

The specificity of the genital prolapse

What causes genital loss occur? This usually happens as a result of damage to the ligaments and muscles within the pelvis. Naturally weakened are in during childbirth, when not only weakens the pelvis, but also the same vagina. However, it is not said that any condition for genital prolapse will immediately after giving birth. Sometimes it develops for years, giving the symptoms only after some time.

Another cause is aging and transition of menopause. Then it comes to the quality of tissues, and hence reduce the production of collagen.

Exposed to the disease are also women obese, struggling with chronic constipation or chronic cough, which causes an increase in pressure inside the abdomen.

When the genital prolapse chora may complain of discomfort and even pain felt in the vagina – compared with a feeling of accountability or the presence of a foreign body inside her, but not only. Pain at the end are episodes of back pain. Then there are problems with urination, including the difficulty of its maintenance, weak stream, feeling of incomplete bladder emptying during, pressure on the bladder or just more frequent visits to the toilet during the day. Sometimes the prolapsed uterus may interact with hemorrhoids, causing either their creation from scratch, or development. This, in turn, calls the extra pain-felt during bowel movements.

The same condition can be divided into several types, depending on how the loss of reproductive organs.

  1. Cystocele-the most common form of the disease, for being thrown into the vagina, bladder or urethra.
  2. Rectocele-unlike the previous one, it is a failure of a rear. In this case, the rectum into the vagina.
  3. Prolapse of vaginal Vault-– this disease usually occurs in women, which removes the uterus. The top of the vagina be reduced to her mouth.


The absolute basis for treatment is to strengthen Kegel muscles. When the disease is still in the early stages, it is possible to complete her recovery, it is through this type of exercise. Stimulation of muscle Tone is indicated also by preventing genital loss. It does not pose a threat to the life of the woman, so, before you decide to carry out surgery, apply a number of niezabiegowych techniques.

In the first place, the observed severity of the disease. You should in this case cancel the lug around, avoid constipation, increased physical activity, and to monitor body weight. All of these factors indeed influence the development of genital prolapse. Sometimes requires the use of the so-called. pesarów, or special materials to be placed in the vagina, whose job is to keep reduce your level of authority. Thanks to this woman does not feel much discomfort. This solution is often used also in waiting for an operation, for example. due to the pregnant or deterioration in his State of health, to temporarily get rid of the problem.

However, when prolapse significantly hinders the proper functioning of, most likely you will need to carry out operations. Once in this case performed a hysterectomy, total excision of the uterus. Today with the whole lot of alternative methods that do not deprive the female reproductive organ. Use m.in. polypropylene mesh, floating of tissue that is completely safe for the body. This technique is indicated also in the case when the uterus already fared on the outside. There is also the possibility of reconstruction of the organs responsible for supporting the uterus.

Your doctor should perform a detailed interview with the patient, and on the basis of the chosen surgical method, which will help solve the problem, which is the prolapse. Account shall be taken of the criteria such as age, health status, the degree of progress of the disease and others.

Kegel exercise

If you find yourself at the first symptoms, be sure to login to a specialist doctor. It is very important that in the first phase of the prolapse can be cured completely nieoperacyjnie, strengthening the muscles of the pelvis. You should then focus on the Kegel muscles, which stimulate you can even when standing in traffic jams or sitting at work.

You might want to know, where are the Kegel muscles. To do this, when you urinate, you must stop the stream for a few seconds. Try to note which muscles are responsible then for its maintenance.

During exercise, you are permitted to use vaginal cones. The exercises follow a regular, repeating the 50-100 times a day.

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