Painless laser treatment of hemorrhoids by Leonardo

We are among the leaders of Proctology. With great pleasure we inform you that as a first resort, we have expanded our range of treatment treatment of hemorrhoids, fistula about rectal membrane and varicose veins of the lower limbs, with the help of modern, safe and painless laser. Leonardo. Treatment of hemorrhoids laser treatment in the center of the Pelvic Proctogin in Poznan is currently one of the most effective methods of removing the harsh conditions, fully painless for the person under treatment.

Help ™ (Hemorrhoid Laser Procedure) out-patient treatment, laser removal of hemorrhoids II and III degree.

Treatment HeLP ™ is performed in an outpatient setting. Is painless and belongs to a group of minimally invasive treatments. Help ™ is the easiest way out of the currently available techniques. Does not it involves the removal of tissues, but only on closure of the arterioles hemoroidalnych, without the use of threads and clips.

LHP (HemorrhoidoPlasty Laser) Laser Surgery for hemorrhoids III and IV degrees.

LHP treatment is designed for the treatment of advanced of hemorrhoids. The laser light is served to the hemoroidu śródmiąższowo, with a radial fiber.

Electronic (a-V Fistula-tract Closure Laser) laser removal fistulas about rectal.

The aim of the surgery Electronic is delicate removal of fistula without the risk of damaging the sphincter. It has a maximum while maintaining muscle structures and low instances of urinary incontinence. Done is also painless treatment anal prolapse with the help of staplera.

Other applications proctologists:

  • Galls anus, skin warts

  • Removing polyps

  • Remove genital warts

  • Anal fissure

  • Włosopochodna Cyst (Sinus pilonidalis)

Treatment of hemorrhoids laser is an excellent alternative for surgical operation, ensuring a much faster return to daily activities. Is a painless, bloodless and often seamless. During the recovery just remember a common health space covered by the changes. You are welcome to use the services provided by the center of the Pelvic Proctogin Poznan!

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