Laser surgery of the lower limbs

The demise of the year, that is, the period of autumn and winter, it's the best time to perform laser surgery of the lower limbs. At that time, many people are choosing this type of treatments, primarily due to the lack of Sun. The Sun's rays can negatively affect the body of the patient, who underwent the laser treatment. The most common, the most common operation of this type must be the removal of varicose veins of the legs.

Prior to surgery

Before your doctor decides that you will need laser surgery of the lower limbs, shall be carried out with the patient a comprehensive interview on the State of his health and lifestyle. It is also necessary to submit the assessment of patient's venous system. Using the method dopplerowską, evaluates his performance. In the case of positive results, a doctor with the patient may jointly decide to carry out laser operation of the lower limbs. The patient receives from expert guidance on the appropriate preparation for surgery.


Laser treatments are carried out usually fairly quickly, given the little complex character and the ability to instantly resolve the issue. Despite this, it is necessary to execute them in terms of the operating room. Laser surgery of the lower limbs, carried out by specialists to cutaneous vasoconstriction of veins, it takes up to a few hours after the administration of analgesics. It is divided into 3 main phases: an hour before the operation, proper treatment and a short period immediately after the operation.
Before surgery, the patient is given a painkiller, amplified then local anesthesia. The task of the liquid anesthetic is also additional contractions.
After the surgery is not necessary, that you spent the night in the hospital-he can freely leave the base the same day. There is also no need of rehabilitation or longer rest, so you can get back to the activities already the next day after surgery. What's more, most of the patients did not complain of any pain in the vicinity of operated vessels, hematomas or cutaneous and subcutaneous burns. The only indication of the post-operative is wearing special compression stockings for about a month to strengthen the effects of laser treatment.

Ways of laser surgery of the lower limbs

There are several methods of laser manipulation of the lower limbs. Among them stands out the most important ways, such as:

  1. stripping the saphenous vein main trunk or odstrzałkowej,
  2. ablation using laser light
  3. the classic operation
  4. Laser operation.

It is worth noting that more often goes away from the standard surgical methods. The reason is a longer recovery period than in other cases. While the classic operation, and actually just after her execution, there is a risk of hematoma in the channels deleted lived or places after varicose veins. Not only does it looks aesthetically pleasing, but also may cause more pain. However, some experienced surgeons specializing in this type of surgery to carry them at the highest level. It may be a rescue for those who for various reasons, are not able to enjoy the last type of treatment. Operating a laser, because that's what question the doctor closes the light the main vein system superficial feet, using high temperature secreted by the laser. In this way, the walls of damaged blood vessels shrink, and then włóknieją-as a result, she shuts down. If you are wondering what is happening with features that far was responsible for shutting down live-you don't have to worry. The remaining blood vessels so easily adapt to the new situation, that are starting to worry about the job deleted cord blood.

Postoperative complications

Although there are few cases of possible post-operative complications, however, there is a risk of their occurrence. Before the decision to treatment with the use of the laser, it is helpful to understand from their list. 

  • pulmonary congestion,
  • perforations of the blood vessels,
  • inflammation of the veins,
  • hematoma,
  • infections,
  • abnormal feeling as a result of nerve damage,
  • swelling,
  • contractions of the blood vessels,
  • hemorrhages,
  • skin burns,
  • skin necrosis,
  • postoperative pain.


At the end it is worth considering what to do to avoid varicose veins? First of all take care of appropriate activities that will provide the body with frequent changes of position – and especially the movement of the legs. Are therefore exercises the type of cardio, not necessarily power sports. It has been observed that people far too little time to spend in traffic, which can contribute to the formation of varicose veins of the lower limbs.
Additional threat may cause an incorrect link, high shoes, tight clothes, but also hot baths or solarium. That is why you must ensure that the legs of comfort and freedom.

If you are considering laser surgery to remove varicose veins of the lower limbs, be sure to seek professional advice. Together you charge, is it possible to carry out such an operation.