Genital warts treatment, laser removal

Sexually dangerous virus HPV is extremely dangerous for the health. What is the reason? You see different species of virus can result in disease development. The most common problem people have been infected with HPV, are arising as a result – genital warts, also called nipples sex. Find out more about how to recognize them and how is the comprehensive treatment of Condyloma acuminata.

The development of the disease

HPV Virus

Each method of sexual contact with a carrier of HPV, or the ratio of oral, anal or vaginal, may lead to infection with the virus. The disease develops generally for about 1-8 months after intercourse with a carrier of HPV. Regardless of the speed of the progression of the disease, the first effects can be observed after 3 months. Men can have problems with stulejką, the middle section of the penis, scrotum or the foreskin.

Genital warts shape to resemble a bit flat or giant cauliflowers, developing under the influence of moisture and heat. Women may notice more intense development during pregnancy, as the stimulating work on not progesterone. In the case of warts grow on the wall of the vagina, you'll need to surgical intervention. Otherwise, they may prevent the natural childbirth, by blocking channels into.

On the development of Condyloma acuminata also are at risk from the children. In their case, the warts appear as a result of a very careful hygiene, so it is important to proper oral care – among both younger and older people.

Fortunately, until 1/3 of the cases of genital warts to persist for some time, sometimes by increasing their volume, however, as a result, the-disappearing within the next few years. In the remaining groups genital warts take the nature of the recurrent.

Symptoms of

Because the eruptions are developing for a few to several months, initially we may not feel any symptoms, and hence not to be aware of the disease. That is why it is important to test for the presence of HPV that may herald the emergence of disease.

The first symptoms in both sexes is the most common small bumps, palpable in the genital area. Their color is not different from the colours of the skin, and the size is the invoice may be different. In the case of women, genital warts develop in the vagina, labia and other organs. While in men the most observed changes in the penis and the foreskin. The nipple should not cause pain, but sometimes patients feel itching, so they decide on treatment. However, there are unseen eruptions that develop in the Interior organs – hence the need for comprehensive studies.


A doctor who observed growths around, certainly will test for infection with HPV. It is possible that the tests will accompany the interview. Travelled trichomoniasis or vaginal discharge in women can foster not only infected with HPV, but also the same formation of Condyloma acuminata.

Sometimes, to comprehensive clinical evaluation, lubricates the skin of acetic acid, which exposes warts. In the case of differential diagnosis, your doctor will also examine flat warts, which are a harbinger of syphilis, and then performs bacteriological test. In order to exclude cancerous changes, it will be necessary to biopsy and microscopic histopathologic evaluation. In addition, have a cytologię uterus.

Genital warts – treatment

If left untreated, warts can cause a lot of complications, including disorders of urination or infiltration of tissues. Sometimes the formation of Condyloma acuminata heralds the development of cervical cancer or other organs. Hence the need for medical consultation.

The most common treatment is based on, lasting from 10 to 16 weeks. Patients are recommended ointments or creams, that can lubricate the genital warts.

Another method of treatment is cryotherapy, which involves freezing Condyloma acuminata with liquid nitrogen. Such practice applies only in the case of small warts, and if their size is larger, or they have the nature of recurrent despite the continuous removal of, it may be necessary to carry out the laser removal of Condyloma acuminata and all infected tissue. Such treatments are performed by using an electric current or laser.

Please note, however, that the treatment of Condyloma acuminata is recommended for both partners – regardless of the severity of the symptoms and possible complications.

Laser removal of Condyloma acuminata and other treatments

  • Podofilina and podofilotoksyna
  • Their solutions are used in the kłykcinach located in the mucosa. Podofilina is a component that can be found m.in. in apples. In spite of natural origin, in some cases, however, the side effects in the form of vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, but even threatening lives-damage to kidney, liver or heart muscle.

  • Interferon-alpha
  • Has antiviral activity, however, even a large dose not solve the HPV virus. Preferred for larger kłykcinach acuminata, removed surgically.

  • Imiquimod
  • New high-performance drug, which is used locally. Stimulates the body to produce natural cytokines, Th1, that as a result, increase resistance to the HPV virus. In the case of the State of przedrakowego it can completely eliminate the cancer. Safe also for children's therapy. Does not clear the side effects.

  • Cryotherapy
  • Used in the case of smaller Condyloma acuminata. Is the spray freezing warts with liquid nitrogen or nitrous oxide. Sometimes people use this sealed applicator. The whole procedure takes up to 1.5 minutes and repeat until the liquidation of the growths.

  • Laser removal of Condyloma acuminata
  • The most common method of treatment, possible to carry out also in the case of pregnant women. Laser removal of Condyloma acuminata shall apply regardless of the size of the nipple, or because of its creation. In addition, the laser minimizes future risk of cancer.

Proctogin clinic is carried out laser removal of Condyloma acuminata by using laser Leonardo-fully secure and modern.

Keep in mind that not all genital warts are caused by infection with HPV. Sometimes these warts appear on the skin as a result of stress or fatigue. That is why you should consult your doctor, who will determine the cause of the occurrence of growths before you take a laser removal.

Why genital warts keep coming back and how to not get infected?

As it is impossible to treatment of HPV, there is a risk of conversion Condyloma acuminata, even after laser removal. It was confirmed that to produce the blooms may lead to excessive alcohol consumption, Chafe the genitals, fatigue and stress. Therefore it is worth to take care of the correct diet and a healthy lifestyle.

For the purposes of prevention, it is necessary to use condoms, which although do not protect 100%, however, minimize the risk of infection with HPV until 75%. On the market there are also other methods of protection during intercourse. Men who have sexual contact with carriers of the virus, it is recommended more frequent urine test. Hematuria detected may signal at brodawczaku.

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