To the human body to function properly, it is necessary to align the level of vitamins. One of the most important, that positively affects the life systems and, above all, ensures the vitality and healthy well-being, is vitamin C because the human body is not able to produce it on its own, it is necessary to replenish it by properly balanced diet. Vitamin C is not stored in the body, and in-body very quickly it removes. What's more, it belongs to the antioxidants which kill the oxygen free radicals, maintaining the correct functioning of the circulatory system.

The properties of vitamin C

Why is it important to maintain proper levels of vitamin C in the body? The greatest impact it has on the immune system, protect against diseases caused by stress or viruses. In some cases, it may also be used as a drug. Because it stimulates the liver to produce additional resources of glycogen, strengthens its detoxifying properties.

However, vitamin C has a beneficial impact not only on the inside of the body. Its effects can be seen on the skin, which under the influence of vitamin beaming, smoothes, and any wrinkles dramatically spłycają. This is m.in. because it is your part in the synthesis of collagen and the support of its production.

It is important to know that while vitamin C in its entirety dissolves in water, oral does not provide complete assimilate. To ensure the best performance, vitamin C should be given intravenously.

Vitamin C deficiency

The decrease in the level of vitamin C can lead to shortages. These in turn cause dysfunction of the immune system and increased susceptibility to infections or toxic substances.


  It is used in cases of:

  • parasitic infections (fungi, bacteria, robaczycach),
  • poisoning chemical origin,
  • Cancer (more info below),
  • viral hepatitis,
  • inflammation,
  • vitamin deficiency,
  • hipoawitaminozy,
  • gnilców,
  • rozchwianych teeth,
  • infection,
  • fractures,
  • deep wounds,
  • Malabsorption Syndromes,
  • tendency to bleed.


In the case of intravenous use greatly increases the power of vitamin C in the body. Affects the formation of red blood platelets, as well as enhances the absorption of iron, so it is recommended for people suffering from anemia and other diseases ischaemic.

Says a lot also about the use of vitamin C to fight cancer. The research was conducted on a group of mice, diagnosed with cancer tumors. Regular infusions of vitamin C made the tumors recede.

American scientists at Cornell University in New York City decided to investigate the impact of vitamin C in the treatment of colon cancer. Verified that most of the mutated genes has code KRAS and BRAF, that causes more disease destroys the body. Currently used chemotherapy does not give good enough in this case. However, scientists, based on studies in mice and cell cultures, was able to conclude that infusions of large doses of vitamin C (for example. corresponding to the portion of the 300 orange) have a negative impact on the development of cancer cells with these mutations. This, in turn, gave leave to the discussion on, which is the treatment of cancer with vitamin C in humans.

As it happens, that vitamin C has as a big influence on the cells of the body, that zastanowiono on the feed her intravenously to treat cancer? All thanks to antioxidant action that either completely blocks, or significantly slows down the appearance of selected cell defects. However, in the case of selected cells mutated by the KRAS and BRAF this action takes place on the contrary-and vitamin C promotes the process of oxidation.

In the arteries, which are rich in large amounts of oxygen, some fragments of vitamin C are subject to oxidation, and then are transformed into dehydroaskorbinowy acid-DHA. To this compound can penetrate into the cells of the body need the participation of proteins whose job it is to transport, as well as glucose. Research has shown that antioxidant compounds, that are found naturally in the cells, undertake to try to transform the DHA again in the form of the output-vitamin c. as a result, all stocks of the body are used for this process, and the cells die.

The cells, which are mentioned above, which is subject to mutations KRAS and BRAF, have clearly more receptor GLUT1, because they require a higher level of glucose to be able to survive and grow. In addition, the cells of the KRAS and BRAF are also producing far more active free radicals oxygen than other cells, which do not have the mutation. In this case, they need a higher number of antioxidants, in order to survive, and hence are much more prone to possible stimulating substance DHA than other, healthy cells or cancer cells, which, however, do not have the mutation.

However, despite extensive research on the treatment of cancer with vitamin C, also under the influence of infusion, failed to confirm the positive impact of the substances on the sick. These studies should be repeated, as shown by the authors of the experiment on a group of patients in clinical trials.


Intravenous infusions of vitamin C may have contributed to the withdrawal of many diseases. Verified that in many cases they stopped some atherosclerotic processes, advanced viral diseases. What's more, it is possible to repair blood vessels that have been destroyed by diabetes.

Keep in mind that colorectal cancer is one of the most difficult, the most devastating body cancer that can develop in the body of the patient even for a decade, giving absolutely no symptoms from which you can choose to indicate its presence. What's more, this is one of the most common causes of death, because too late diagnosis, gives a really slim chance of cure. In this case, if it is confirmed positive impact on cancer treatment with vitamin C, may prove to be the salvation for all the sick, who are charged with the genetic mutations, and the development of cancer. As mentioned above, however, it is necessary to continue the earlier experiments and carrying out a series of tests on a group of patients in clinical trials.

Therefore, if you notice at issue nuisance constipation, recurrent nausea, vomiting, feeling of incomplete bowel movement, traces of blood on the toilet paper or underwear, rectal bleeding or anemia, be sure to contact your doctor. In this case, the primary consideration will be a colonoscopy, which allows you to place the appropriate diagnosis. Your doctor may also have a number of additional studies, because not always the cancer colon gives clear signs on the basis of which you can confirm that the development of the disease in the body. If you are under 50. year old remember that once in 5 years you should proactively to undergo colonoscopy!




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