Deep vein thrombosis, anal

  Varicose veins are a result of increased pressure in the abdomen, blocking the possibility of departure of blood from the veins around the anus. For this reason, the veins expand, and then transform in varicose veins. Just because it is often accompanied by pregnant women. There are also genetic causes.

How to recognize varicose veins of the anus?

Haemorrhoids are often confused with hemoroidami. However, it is worth to know that hemorrhoids occur in each person. Built with weaves arteriovenous-venous, lie in the channel anus and allow you to control the excretion of stool.

Varicose veins while is called sick veins that are located just at the entrance to the anus.

Causes of hemorrhoids

For what reasons are haemorrhoids? Well, they are the most common:

  • in pregnant women

  • people leading a sedentary lifestyle

  • After long journeys

  • as a result of injuries around the anus

  • when riding a bike

  • while riding

Treatment of hemorrhoids

Treatment of varicose veins of the anus is based on the introduction of a diet rich in fiber and large amounts of water. Helpful in such cases are also SALVES, soothing pain and bleeding, during exacerbations. A good solution is to also change your lifestyle to be more active.

In the case of certain types of varicose veins, is the removal of their treatment. In this situation, you should contact a medical professional.

Treatment of anal

Thrombosis of the anus are identified by the presence on the edge of the anus painful nodules. Sick complains about the discomfort, itching, burning or bleeding, prevent the seat and defekację.

If the lump persists for an extended period of time, it is necessary to visit the doctor of proctologist. During the test, will assess the risk and may need to cut a blood clot.

In our clinic the surgery performed under local anaesthesia, pain is reduced.