What is a colonoscopy?

Endoscopic image of the Interior of the colon or download a stretch lining for Histopathological examination-referred to is expertly in the medical community a colonoscopy. Kolonoskop, which is the device by which the test is carried out, is the thickness of the index finger. Is placed inside the body the following way: bubble rectum – NCI dictionary – descending colon – cross member-colon inside-valve ileo-kątnicza. Usually it is carried out on the occasion of suspicion and such treatments as:

  • removal of polyps,
  • stopping the haemorrhage in the final episode of the digestive tract,
  • widening of the narrowing of the intestinal
  • clear of the lower sections of the gastrointestinal tract, cancer treatment,
  • cancers of the colon,
  • anemia called too low levels of iron,
  • diverticula of the colon,
  • inflammation and intestinal diseases.

The advantages of research

Since a colonoscopy is painless and the test is not invasive to the body, gives you the ability to secure a cut of polyps or other foreign matter from the walls of the colon without risk of complications. Moreover, this procedure reduces the likelihood the incidence of colon cancer, which is one of the most common causes of death in Poland. Ignored the polyps can cause obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract, hemorrhages or inflammation, resulting in a patient threatens to bacterial peritonitis, posing a threat to life.

In the case of seepage into organisms closer to the unidentified debris, colonoscopy also gives you the ability to accurately see the foreign body, and then remove it from the colon. In many cases, such treatment to avoid aggravating the body surgery.

Contraindications to perform Colonoscopy:

  • inflammatory diseases of the colon,
  • symptoms of peritoneal inflammation,
  • perforation of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • heart and lung disease,
  • acute respiratory failure,
  • pregnancy,
  • deep vein thrombosis blood.

Before proceeding to the test

Before the examination it is necessary kolonoskopowym weekly preparation. After prior consultation with a physician, by this week do not take such measures as iron supplements, antyagregacyjne drugs or anticoagulants. During this time, the specialist may recommend the use of substitutes, fully safe for the body.

Another condition is to change your diet. It should be categorically eliminate drupes (m.in. Kiwi, strawberries, grapes), grainy bread, muesli, linseed, poppy seed, red beets. The latter spinning out the intestinal mucous membranes, and as a result can falsify the test results.

3 days before the test you should not consume any food. During this time, the diet should include only liquids. coffee, tea, water, juice without pulp and soups-cream.

On the eve of the test, it will be necessary to limit only to the breakfast-no fizzy drinks or milk. Breakfast must be eaten up to 14. Later takes only Fortrans. Is a special measure that dissolves in the still water. For 6 hours drink 4 litres of solution.


Usually, especially in the case of people suffering from diabetes-test shall be carried out in the morning. Duration is a maximum of 40 minutes. A colonoscopy is not painful, and patients usually tolerate it very well.

Before the test, your doctor will conduct an interview with the patient. It is necessary to inform the expert about such issues as:

  • hypertension,
  • severe symptoms of ischemic diseases of the heart,
  • aortic aneurysm,
  • haemorrhagic Diathesis,
  • pregnancy,
  • menstruation bleeding
  • allergy to drugs,
  • glaucoma,
  • mental illness,
  • other complaints.

The study starts with a change of clothing for special protective clothing. The patient is placed on the bunk. The most comfortable position, in which it is performed a colonoscopy, it is the left side, with your knees przyciągniętymi under the Chin. Before you enter the endoscope, the physician examines the surroundings the anus for any fistulas, abscesses or nodules krwawniczych. Then imposes gel anesthetic with topical and rectal examination. Thanks to a colonoscopy is painless.

The only discomfort experienced by patients may be caused by air that is blown into the intestines when you move a colonoscope. If during the test gases or liquids can get into the outdoors, you should not feel embarrassed – this is completely normal and is certainly not surprise the doctor who carried out the study.

In the clinic, Proctogin Poznan you can enjoy a painless colonoscopy with the use of general anesthesia is administered by the anesthesiologist. The patient wakes up after several minutes of study, because it is very shallow. However, after the treatment it is necessary to consult an anesthesiologist. The patient leaves clinic after about 2 hours of treatment, preferably in the company of a loved one, that it receives. After administration of anesthetics, the forbidden is driving a car until 12 hours after the procedure, because of the risk of slowing down the response capacity. Therefore, it is important that a colonoscopy with an anesthesiologist was carried out on patients who have a pickup from the clinic.

Colonoscopy with removal of polyps and foreign bodies from the colon

Colonoscopy, the aim of which is to remove the polyps and foreign bodies located in the large intestine, is essentially the same as the basic version of the test. The patient is placed on the left side, and his knee pulls up to the Chin. Introduced through the anus the endoscope is aired by the rectum into the intestine. At the time of the find a polyp, it removes the additional tools, implemented by the working channel a colonoscope, by polipektomię. This treatment is urgent, because the technique depends on the location of the foreign body and the physical condition of the patient.

Colonoscopy with removal of polyps differently, depending on the size of the growths. Polyps of size up to 1 cm removed the usual ticks or ticks equipped with function of electrocautery. They allow the Cauterization of tissue shock, what gives you the ability to destroy the tissues underlying the polyp. In this case, increasing the ability to completely cut out the changes and minimizes the likelihood of hemorrhaging. Larger changes that exceed 1 cm, loops-round or heksagonalnymi, which also have the ability to electrocautery. I used to remove them surgically-today, however, this is done in two ways, each using the endoscope. The first is a cut in its entirety-and the second in fragments.

Before you kolonoskopowego delete, at the base of the polyp is injected into the liquid. saline solution, which lifts it up a bit. This creates a protective muscle layers these little pills. Avoids the risk of perforation or deform the tissues below the lining of the intestines. Cut out a polyp is for Histopathological examination. A colonoscopy is completely painless.

The effects of a colonoscopy

Directly after the test it is possible to feel the unpleasant flatulence which persist across different time, depending on individual predisposition subjects. All because during colonoscopy along with intestines placed on air. Completely get rid of it is possible through the excretion of defaulting. However, if bloating is preventing normal functioning of and are really a nuisance for patients, you can take the correct antispasmodics, that will restore normal functioning. If you are particularly bemoans the effects of research, you can enter a special churn must be stimulating sphincters.

A colonoscopy can certainly irritate the intestines, hence any diarrhea. Loose stools is also Fortransu effect, which shall be before a colonoscopy to thin the nets from the debris. In addition, the observed such ailments as:

  • fever,
  • hard belly,
  • impaired peristalsis,
  • total lack of peristalsis.

In this case, you should contact your doctor immediately. It is possible that you will need additional pharmaceuticals.

Colonoscopy in Poznań

Colonoscopy in Poznań, without or with the help of an anesthesiologist shall be carried out in the two types of centers-public hospitals and private institutions. In each of these places the test is carried out in a similar way. Since a colonoscopy is an examination of high popularity – it lets you diagnose a range of bowel disease, using the services of private doctors certainly examination date to be closer than in the second case.

Proctogin pelvic Center facility in Poznan is the perfect place where professionals perform painless colonoscopy with an anesthesiologist, providing patients with the high standards of the tests carried out by specialist surgeons-koloproktologów. Welcome to the study to know! Also possible a colonoscopy with removal of polyps.

Proctogin – take care of your health.

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